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Sailor’s Log

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Left sailing club over an hour late at 9:20, due to some slothfulness and staying up too late again on the CD mixing. This lifestyle is terrible and needs to end this week. I’m looking forward to Monday very much. Seth stayed behind to fix our awful vocals in time for the launch, but helped load the boat after a 3 hour rest.

We forgot to have Geoffrey clean the boat this week, need to make that a weekly task for him (or Lawrence these two weeks that Geoffrey’s gone). After bailing, loaded 11 rolls of papyrus for the Kaaya church walls, picked up the guys on the beach to avoid Fred’s weekend club fees, and were off.

I was trying out my “new” GPS, and figured we were racing at 15MPH at full throttle, 4 adults on board (me, Alan, Frank, Moses) with little cargo. With my head down calculating the D/T=S equation, SMSing Peter on our ETA, and updating Twitter for prayer support, I failed to see some nets that startled me as they broke free from our prop. But the fiberglass is helping with fuel & speed, worth the investment despite the added weight and difficulty in parking.

We made it to Kaaya in 1:38, slowing to a crawl as the 24 liters of fuel depleted towards the end. We borrowed AIM’s extra fuel tank this morning – so much easier to switch the fuel line instead of pouring petrol into the funnel in the waves.

Excited children and one mzee from the church helped us carry the mats to the church and we took a few pictures of the now tarpless structure that desperately needs something to keep out wind and rain. After briefly greeting Mukyala Musumba, were back on the water to Misonzi at 11:15.

I was tentative about the trip having only been here once by water and over 1 year ago, but encountered no stones on the way on the :18 trip. (reached at 11:33)

The fishermen assisted in landing the boat and I was pleased they didn’t ask for money (to my knowledge). The beach was packed with boats and parking space was scarce. Because of our weight, we left some length in the water, secured our things and found Peter teaching a group of 7 believers in Misonzi’s pastorless church.

Should be a great couple days of impartation.

– Brent

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